About Harr & Lemme Commercial

Harr & Lemme Commercial is a full service commercial real estate firm. Our services include sales, leasing, land brokering, investment property, auctioneering, financial analysis and much more. Our focus is always on full satisfaction and honesty to the client. We pledge the full responsibility of our staff to the success and quality in finding the right property for you, and believe it’s our responsibility to all our clients to inform them of the multiple options available in order to allow them to make the most informed decision possible.

Office Sales & Leasing

Whether you are a tenant looking for the perfect location for your business or a landlord looking for tenants or buyers to occupy your property, our professionals at Harr & Lemme Commercial Real Estate can help you find the right commercial property at the right price. Our service is not limited to office site selection; we engage in thorough dialogue with our clients to understand their business needs. Our collaborative approach assists our clients in identifying and securing the best possible location for their businesses.

Retail Sales & Leasing

Whether it’s one shopping center or multiple retail strip malls or freestanding retail buildings, Harr & Lemme Commercial provides focus on providing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. We assist both tenants and landlords with everything from leasing and property management to investment sales. We offer our commitment and professionalism in collaborating on a carefully developed solution based on business needs and long-term growth.

Industrial Sales & Leasing

As a user of industrial space, you want a real estate professional that understands your business and your customers. Whether the primary need is transportation access, building size, or extensive and flexible building features our clients can count on us to assist them in a thorough review of the market. Harr & Lemme Commercial has a proven track record of expertise in the industrial market, addressing a multitude of unique situations.

Land Acquisition & Disposition

As a buyer or seller of land, you seek experienced professionals knowledgeable about land issues. Our work not only involves the search for available land but also research into such issues as environmental analysis, surveys, zoning, city ordinances and regulations, permitting processes and the full scale infrastructure development. The professionals at Harr & Lemme have firsthand experience buying and selling land and dealing with the due diligence process. Whether you are interested in land for development, new schools, or any building use, Harr & Lemme Commercial can guide you through a thorough and strategic process.

Retail / Industrial / Multi-Family Developers

Since the 2008 financial crisis, developers are operating in a new world. They need a new playbook of strategies and solutions to fulfill their business plans. Whether you are tackling new growth or “right-sizing,” Harr & Lemme Commercial can assist you in gathering the right people on your team to address such issues as market and trade area information, demographic analysis, highest and best land use, and overall strategy. We have worked on a variety of development projects spanning retail, office, residential and multi-family development. We are experienced in working with city, county and state officials in addressing complex situations and are poised to assist our clients with successful projects. We share a mutual commitment to discover new opportunities for maximizing the growing potential of the Sioux Empire and surrounding areas.

Tenant & Buyer Representation

At Harr & Lemme Commercial, our strategies for successful lease negotiation and buyer experiences are backed by some of the most experienced commercial real estate professionals in and around the Sioux Empire. After assessing your goals and vision, our agents will provide you with honest information and detailed reports to inform you of all available options so you can achieve your goals and make the right choice for you. We have solid relationships with local real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, bankers and others so that we can direct you to trustworthy partners in your search and examination of the right property that meets your goals.


There are many reasons a client may wish to sell a property at auction. The client may be seeking a quick sale or in creating an “urgency to buy.” At Harr & Lemme Commercial, we will work with our clients with auctioneering services as another way to show how dedicated we are to the sale of commercial property, both private and public, to companies throughout the Sioux Empire and surrounding regions.

Build-To-Suit Options

Harr & Lemme Commercial’s build-to-suit services offer our clients the opportunity to develop a building suitable for their specific requirements, or design and construct space in an existing building, all built to meet their specific individual needs. We understand our clients’ desire to design and construct a building that provides the right environment for productivity. We are experienced in dealing with the complexities of construction and have worked with clients from the beginning stages of site selection to the final stages of occupancy.

Broker’s Price Opinion

A Broker Price Opinion, or BPO, is a tool used by owners, mortgage lenders, and banks to identify a market price for a property based on the current market. Whether you need a BPO for refinancing, insurance reasons or simply to better gauge the market for selling opportunity, Harr & Lemme Commercial can assist you with the process of analyzing the appropriate information pertinent to a quality BPO and further recommend solutions for adding value to your property for a future sale.

Investment Sales & Acquisitions

As a property owner, you understand the importance of property ownership and value as a component of portfolio diversity. An investment property’s results tie directly to your personal wealth. As investment owners ourselves, we are committed to bringing together a full complement of resources tailored to help our clients succeed in their investment endeavors. Our collaborative approach provides the necessary legwork to interpret information and develop solid recommendations for our clients, including our suggestions to change course if conditions warrant. Let us help you optimize and diversify your real estate portfolio through a wide range of opportunities!

Financial Analysis

At Harr & Lemme Commercial, we realize that each real estate asset presents a unique set of issues and challenges. We support our clients in resolving issues, recovering value and managing risk through the use of financial analysis tools, concepts and calculations that are needed to help make sound decisions. We are committed to providing a foundation of resources for our clients, equipping them with the tools and people needed to establish stability and profitability.

Market Expertise

Our local market knowledge, established relationships, and deep connections throughout the community allow us to provide exceptional service to our clients. At Harr & Lemme Commercial, our brokers have an average of 20 years of sales experience and are active residents within organizations in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with community leaders and government officials. Combined with our forward-looking view of the Sioux Empire, we look forward to helping you participate in and celebrate our community’s successes.

Acquisition & Disposition

Acquiring and disposing of the right assets (at the right time) is a critical step in enhancing investment return. Sometimes properties that appear similar on paper can perform differently in the marketplace. Advertised sales prices do not always adequately reflect a thorough understanding of the property and its current or potential value, making our unsurpassed local market knowledge and deep experience in the investment arena an indispensable component of any effective acquisition or disposition strategy.

Over the past three decades, our agents have been trained to make smart and knowledgeable decisions when it comes to the strategic acquisition and disposition of commercial property. Whether it be a single property or a portfolio of properties, Harr & Lemme Commercial professionals draw from a strong foundation of resources to support each client’s investment objectives. Clients seeking a single-source company for their acquisition and disposition needs can depend on our unending commitment to client service.

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