Hot Websites Tout Sioux Falls

Dec 22nd

Hot websites tout Sioux Falls' "hipness" to nation

One of the strategies for attracting young professionals is the placement of positive messages about our community on websites that spotlight the “cool factors” of Sioux Falls. That strategy is working, based on recent stories on Thrillist and, picking downtown Sioux Falls as the “Brooklyn of South Dakota.”


“Picking the hippest neighborhood in South Dakota is kind of like picking the trendiest saloon in a Clint Eastwood movie, but the downtown area of the state's biggest city is making a solid play for that title,” the websites claim. “There’s pork belly ramen on the menu at Parker’s Bistro, award-winning wine on tap at Prairie Berry East Bank, and B-sides aplenty at Total Drag Records. If vinyl’s too mainstream for you, it also has tapes. TAPES.”


San Diego Uptown News ran an article raving about “Sioux Falls’ symphony of sights and sounds in the heart of America.” The story touts Falls Park, the River Greenway, SculptureWalk, Washington Pavilion, Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove, and Sioux Falls’ “eclectic cuisine” from 650 restaurants throughout the city.


The Huffington Post said “Step aside, San Francisco: SF now stands for Sioux Falls, South Dakota” in a September, 2015 story. “All those things that everyone loves about the famous, jaded, sea-beaten SF (and more!) can also be found in a fresh, friendly, affordable Midwestern SF: Sioux Falls,” the website trumpeted. The article goes on to compare ten ways in which Sioux Falls matches or exceeds the City by the Bay.


“These stories target exactly the kind of new residents we’re seeking,” said Slater Barr, Development Foundation president. “Our growth depends on educated, trained, tech-savvy young professionals who are looking for a great place to live with all the amenities they want. More and more, national websites are helping us tell our story to the right people.” also ran a story explaining “Why South Dakota is the most underrated state in America,” and has found several Sioux Falls gems to display to the nation’s foodies, including Rosie’s Diner, CH Patisserie and other “culinary surprises” found in our community.